Trade Mark: Nabel

General Manager: Ismail Jabary

Contact Person: Ismail Jabary

Short Description: Nabel Company for shoes is one of the very distinct companies in men's and kids footwear industry especially for summer sandals, in addition to the formalcomfort footwear.

Nabel products specialises in attractive appearance, strength and durability, which is done by the use of direct-injection technology for the soles through a machine of modern technology. Productionmaintains a high-quality level by the use of the finest natural leather for higher performance that achieves the international standards.

Nabel relies on its extensive experience in the footwear industry, as well as skilled manpower, to produce high quality shoes. Nabel consistently seeks to develop equipment and machinery to keep pace with the constant evolution in the footwear industry.

History: Nabelwas established in 1998, taking into account the great technological development at the present time

Nabel was founded in accordance with the latest technology has been equipped with the latest equipment and production lines to meet the market needs of high quality products , and according to the highest standards and at very competitive prices and accessible to everyone.

Nabel is also working on a study of the market and the different needs and work on the development of production and add new products and excellent services and constantly.

Nabel has worked and is still working on it, which led to the successful entry into the domestic market and some international markets such as Jordan large and distinct successfully.

Vision & Mission: To reach international markets and to expand the brand awareness across more countries.

Experience: Specialize in Men’s Leather Sandals and Comfort Shoes.

Number of employees: 70

Resources: Nabel currently rely on designing shoe models locally, Leathers for uppers are from local tanneries and abroad, soles are all directly injected in the factory, and the last designs are made outside Palestine.

Equipment: PU Direct Injection Machines

Contact Us
Address Hebron, Nemra
Website www.nabelshoes.com
Tel No 022256592
Mobile 0599261506
Fax No 022256521
Email nabelshoes@yahoo.com
Branch Name City Address Tel No
Nabeel Center Hebron Hebron city center 0599261506